Would definitely recommend this product – Paul Fidoe

Hello Oliver,

Many thanks for your email, I would be happy to share brief feedback with you. It has definitely helped with my Plantar Fascia by reducing the pain levels (from a 10 down to a 3). It does wear off so it is key to fit in the 3 applications a day as suggested.

It’s simple to use although a little confusing at first trying to fix the strap on the foot.

Would definitely recommend this product



I would rate the plantarcure 10 out of 10 – Helen Wallis

Good morning

Thank you for contacting me about the ” Plantarcure” I purchased recently. I am pleased to say I think it is very good. I have been using it as instructed in the leaflet, not as often at first, but my ‘ plantar fasciitis ‘ is a lot better. It’s not 100% better but I would say 80% ! ! ….the product is easy to use, & I have told my Chiropodist about it & she is very interested in seeing the product. If I could just make one comment. My pain is / was in my heel on the inner side. The Velcro band is difficult to fix at this angle so I wrap it over the top of the machine ( as well as through it ) and it fixes ok but I have a small foot ( size 5) I am not sure on a man’s foot that the band would be big enough to go round & still fix to itself. All in all I would rate the Plantarcure 10 out of 10 … so thank you ! Maybe to help others it needs more advertising on the web !! …that’s how I found it but after lots of research !

Kindest regards & many thanks for making my every step a little less ” ouch ” !

Helen Wallis

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Helped a great deal – Sue Fell

I have had plantar fasciitis since the beginning of April which has been really painful and stopped me doing the walks I normally enjoy. I have been using the Plantarcure for about 4 weeks and I am beginning to feel the benefit. We have just spent a week in Devon with our daughter and family including a 7 year old and a 3 year old and I have been able to remain on my feet all day, which I don’t think I would have been able to do without the help of Plantarcure. This is not a magic cure but I do think it has helped a great deal and I will carry on using it until the problem is gone completely.
Sue Fell (Mrs)

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A closer look at the Agfa charger

We know that Plantarcure is a great device for relieving pain and speeding up the healing of plantar fasciitis.

We also know it does go through a lot of batteries so we now offer a charger bundle to help.  Reduced from £12.99 to £9.99, the charger allows charging of both AA and AAA batteries simultaneously.  We’ve tested a few and found the Agfa one the best for quality, price and length of time the batteries hold their charge.

Since you normally only see this option during the purchase phase we thought we’d take a closer look here.


Each charger comes with 4 x AA batteries and a separate pack of 4 x AAA batteries.

Two AAA batteries can be fitted on the inside…



With two AA’s on the outside.



Which is then plugged into the wall in any standard socket.

8 hours later all four batteries are charged.  Of course, you can use the AA’s for any other device, TV remote etc. but the AAA’s can be rotated in and out of the Plantarcure device so you’re always full of charge for every treatment.