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Step 1 - Make sure the device is fully charged.

Insert the plug through the rubber pad and into the device. Plug into any USB port to charge. The on/off switch will glow red when charging and green when fully charged.

charge the device using the charging lead provided

Step 2 - Secure the unit onto your foot using the soft velcro strap.

Slide the velcro strap through the device and secure under the velcro tab. Loop it back on itself through the buckle and slide your foot into the loop. The application nozzle should sit directly on the point of pain. Secure the unit with the velcro side of the strap.

the device on the strap

Step 3 - Turn your device on and choose the mode.

Cycle through the modes by pressing the button to your chosen mode. Raise the legs and rest during the treatment. After approximately 10 minutes press and hold the button to turn off.

treat your symptoms for 10 minutes at a time

The Plantarcure unit provides signals direct to the affected area.

The device helps to alleviate pain for up to 4 hours after each session. It is important to continue the treatment on a daily basis for a few weeks for the best results. Most users experience benefits within a number of days of starting to use the device.

treat your symptoms for 10 minutes at a time